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Duct Reinforcement


Hat Section


  • Available in SMACNA J, K, and L reinforcement classes.

  • Available in any length.

  • Pre-punched holes on flange for easy screw or rivet attachment.



Let Ductcessories pre-cut all of the hat channel to meet the needs of your job and eliminate your scrap and inventory.


Tie Rod


Ductcessories carries 1/2" and 3/4" Tie-rod conduit and all of the accompanying nuts, bolts, and self-sealing washers.



Ductcessories would love to pre-assemble and cut-to-length all of the tie-rods that you need for your job! Release the hassle of inventory, scrap, cutting, and assembling to Ductcessories and save yourself time and money!


Angle Iron


Angle iron has been the duct reinforcement standard for years and Ductcessories is the place to get it! We offer a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to meet all of your needs.



Stocking and cutting 20 foot lengths of angle is a hassle! Ductcessories loves to cut angle! Tell us what your job requires today and we will ship cut to length pieces to your shop tomorrow!

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