Duct Connectors.

Slip & Drive


Ductcessories carries all you need when it comes to Slip & Drive end connectors including both flat and standing slips and drives in any length that you need!



Let Ductcessories take all of the legwork out of preparing all of your Slips & Drives for the field. We will cut to length Slips & Drives for you to any length so you can send them straight to the job ready to be installed!





When it comes to TDC/TDF corners, cleats, gasket, and nuts/bolts; Ductcessories has your back! We stock and manufacture TDC and TDF connector accessories so you don't have to!





Don't buy in bulk! Buy what you need! Ductcessories can send you only what you need for your job so you can keep your money in the bank!





Ductcessories carries Ductmate 35 in any length up to 20 feet along with all of the accompanying hardware.









Making Ductmate frames is hard! It also takes valuable time and creates a lot of waste! Let Ductcessories take that burden off your hands. We will build complete connections for you or send you cut-to-length Ductmate and all of the accessories to get your job done!



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